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Monu-Bright is the leading cemetery services company in the Dayton & Cincinnati area...

We specialize in: 

- Monument Cleaning

- Bronze Refinishing

- Whole Cemetery Restoration

- Cemetery Management

- All Cemetery Concrete needs

My Promise to You...

I understand how important the memory of your loved one is. I know that the memorial you created to preserve that memory is also important and provides a sense of peace and joy when you visit your loved one's grave. It's an honor for me to help your family maintain that sense of peace when your memorial needs special care. At Monu-Bright, we take the time to restore your memorial to as close to it's original condition as possible. We use bio-degradable agents and non-abrasive equipment that will not damage your memorial or the landscape around it. We understand the cemetery is a place deserving great respect and will always follow the rules and regulations set forth by the cemetery caretakers. We take great pride in providing a service that helps families maintain the tribute they designed for loved ones.


Tim Walters - Owner

Monument Restoration
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